The Chase - Elle Kennedy

August 05, 2018

You know these books, where you learn s many things about life. This was one of them. I learned so much about trust, friendship, and to be true to yourself. Not to trust people, because they've been nice to you. Not to judge people, without knowing their backstory. How to be open and not to be embarrassed. Holy Chicken Tender - I loved it.

It was also one of these books, that will stay with you for quite some time.

Let the review begin:

What makes the book different from the others:

The characters make it so easy for you to love them. I mean usually all of them do - but here... Fitz and Summer were extraordinary. Seriously, I want them to be real. I want to know them and I wand to befriend them.

This book has it all:

1x Villain (small role)
1x British Guy
1x loving parents
1x bad parents
1x the hottest brother ever
1x characters from elle kennedy's other series having cameo's
1x Gux.. who'll make you sin - even though you tryina be good
1x you can't put her in words-ish female lead
1x amazing plot
1x bitch (small role)
a few x jealousy
a lotta x those scenes that make your toes curl...  yadda yadda yadda -

This book was everythign I was looking for... for a really long time.

Thank you Elle Kennedy for making that happen. You never seem to dissapoint.

STARS: 5 out of 5



This was me throughout this book


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