Man Candy - Lila Monroe

August 05, 2018

What to say about this book without gushing, screaming and dripping out wet?

I loved, loved, loved the words out of it. (This did so not make any sense)

What I'm trying to say is, that I was left speechless.

The characters were amazing. You start off liking Alice - ver much. And it's weird, because she's freaking fictional, but you understand her feeling. You really understand her. And then he (Nick) enters the game and you go weak, you loose your mind and forget your own name. It's a force he pulls off - and kjsdawiehfpaf you gotta read for yourselves. TBH, they are not my favourite couple from this standalone-series - But I really liked those two both.

Even though they are not my all-time-favourite couple - I really hope, that I will find a nick too. And not just someone who's a nike alike - I want exactly him. No one else. He made everything seem so adventurous. He have you THE FREAKING KICK. Adrenalin was boosting out of every cell in my body. He kept you intrigued and entertained. And I'm sadly a person, who's easily bored - so this tells a lot.

And the thing I liked most about this book is, that there is no single boring scene in this book. The author did not talk around. She did not feed us with bullshit, like explaining 7 pages long how a tree looked or something else. YOu know? She just wrote her story without rambling around. Without boring the death out of a dead person. (That again made NO sense)

And man all these refrences and nnoendos. I lived for it. Lila Monroe knows how to rock books.

ANd the ending. Man - I ahhh I loved it. There is no word, which can explain what I felt in that moment. I ah gash you have to read for yourself. 78% out of 100% on your Kindle. Let me know, when you're there.

I finished this book in like two days... And can't wait for the paperback. THis story, these protagonists, this everything - it consumed me. This book was one of the reasons, why I LOVE to read!

SO don't miss out... and read it!


Gossip G- ahhh Nisha

I MET GOD while reading THIS BOOK

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