June 05, 2018

I read this book in one day. I don't know if it's because I just was bored or if it was good. That says a lot about what I think about this book.

I really loved some parts of the book. Some scenes stood out and the writing wasn't bad at all. One Part that stuck in my mind, for example, was this quote: "Sometimes confidence is worn like a mask to shield people from seeing insecurities." This sentence described me in a way, I wouldn't have found the words. So I could actually relate to some wise stuff in the book. And I'm really glad that it had a good ending. Because I think the ending is really important and this one didn't disappoint me. OH AND LEAVE YAKSHIT ALONE, HE DID NOTHING WRONG. 

BUT, I feel like there was something missing through the whole book. I liked Hunter but couldn't really care enough about Nat. I care more about her best friend Anna than about her... 
There was also this part where she would go out with this dude, I already forgot his name, while she knew she was really attracted to Hunter and even admitted to not really be into that guy she went on like three dates. I mean of course she told him after the third date, but really?? After three dates you decide? I get it, it was this whole philosophy about her picking someone she can't fall in love with - so - I guess for hoping to not getting hurt... or something like that? I just really don't like the aspect where she gave false hope, wasted that poor guys time aaaand probably only went on further dates with him, to prove herself and Hunter a point. 
In one point in the book, she was like, wow all men in my life are complicated. To be honest, sometimes she made it complicated to herself... It's easy girl. Dump him or keep him. And if he doesn't give you what you want, dump him. But I guess that's easy for me to tell since I never had a relationship lol.
It kind of bothered me also, how they were all like, just keep it physical blah, blah. But no relationship, but they still went on dates and did all those cute stuff together... And for a guy not looking for a serious relationship, he really spends a shit ton of time speaking with her mom AND already meeting her whole family... I mean. It was obvious from the start they gonna want more but it all felt sooo rushed. In other stories there at least is something building. And not from the very start, I love him, but no I don't, but I do, but he doesn't want something serious. Oh and thinking about his babies and stuff.
Some scenes were just really weird. For example, that scene where this neighbor walks in naked and Nat gets all upset and he goes next door with her to prove her there's nothing between him and that redhead... WEIRD. And the part he reads his brothers letter? Haven't read something that dry that was supposed to be sad, in a long long time. It was like well, hey I killed myself but ehhh, move on and stuff, byee. And the scene that followed where he tells Nat everything wasn't what I really expected at all... In a bad way. It was just... weird... again. I have to admit though, the story with his brother is really really really sad and it got me - hard.
When I found out why he didn't want a relationship, the first thing that popped into my head was: Neighbor Dearest by Penelope Ward. With the difference that Hunter didn't know if he had the condition. It bothered me a little. But I guess it made a medium good excuse. Anyways, I thought it was unfair from Hunter to keep it from Nat and not letting her decide. And to be honest, it's not like WOW, he could have told her from the beginning, maybe the whole mess wouldn't have happened. So I kind of don't get why he kept it a secret... 
Oh when we're talking about mess... It was not enough mess, to be a BOOM DRAMA, that kept you reading, for example, like in gossip girl, but it also wasn't a smooth story. I don't even know lol.

Okay wow... I didn't want it to turn to such a rant review... But there were just some parts that I didn't like. But also parts I did.
I really don't think it's a bad book all in all. It just, how already said... something was definitely missing. Maybe I wanted it to turn out different. I don't know. 
I enjoyed reading it anyways and couldn't stop, no matter what. 

So that's a:

3.75 out of 5 from me :) 💖 💖 💖 💖

I really have no idea, where to start. 
Uhm, after reading this book - I did not know what to think. I immediately texted A saying: "I don't know what to say about this book. Just that I loved, Beautiful Mistake so much more than this one. Ugh, I have no idea - I'm struggling." 

This book was good. Totally good. It just didn't pull me in. It didn't give me the feels. It was an okay-good read for me. Nothing bad and nothing good to say about it. I mean I wouldn't buy a paperback of it and delete it right after reading it from my kindle. Sorry, not sorry. 

xoxo, Nisha

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