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June 05, 2018

These books were truly breathtaking.

Small Spoilers Six of Crows:
I started this book and was so confused, I almost stoped reading. I'm so fucking glad I didn't. Because this book just took me trough all the motions and back. It left me speechless and hungry for more. Hungry for things I didn't knew I wanted. (I totally wanna walk without anyone noticing me like Inej, or being able to lock locks like Kaz. In general have his mind tbh. Oh an I was really interested in magic since "Now You See Me" and Phil Dunphy, but now I like really wanna learn it) 
When I finally understood a little, I got into the story like a rocket. It was around the second Chapter where Kaz is against this other Gang and Inej is watching from above. I was soo fascinated by the whole scene, I had to put down the book, but couldn't, so read without taking a breath once. That's how the whole book went. Without taking a breath. (Of course not literally because I would have died but ya know what I mean.) The scenery was just as ugly as beautiful, which made me see exactly how the city and prison were. And I loved how the two main girl characters were BFF goals. There were no fightings or jealousy. Only support and love and help.
The Plots and twists were just as amazing as the characters. And let me not start with the writing.
Oh and the characters.... SOOOO GOOOD. There was this huge diversity which I loved. 

A gambler, a convict, a wayward son, a lost Grisha, a Suli girl who became a killer, a boy from the Barrel who had become something worse.
Inej, oh Inej. I love her so much. She wen't trough alot, being stolen from her family and put into a pleasure house. But she kept the good in her anyways somehow. (oh and she is of dark complexion which, YEES, give me more of that)

Kaz. The master minded piece of shit. Who suffered trough a trauma and can't touch anyone. Who is a "cripple". But no, he doesn't let his bad leg stop him. He will kill you with his eyes closed. 

Jesper. THE FUNNY MOTHERFUCKER. He is this fun guy who you can probably go to with anything that's on your mind. (and he is dark skinned + bisexual :D) His character really stuck to my mind. 

Wylan. He isn't able to read but you know what, he is the smartest person ever. I feel so bad for him, having the type of father he has. (And he's gay. :D)

Nina. Curvy, but described as sexy and gets all the attention from men and women. Like yees. And she is so powerful with her power. <3 

Matthias. He comes from an Environment which is quite sexist and who basically brainwashed him. He should have hunted and killed Nina. But he didn't. His path leading to finding peace with himself and having his own opinion was truly amazing.

I loved the beginning, the ending and everything inbetween.

(Don't read more if you haven't read the second book)

Crooked Kingdom Spoiler Free:

The second book got me as much as the first. Maybe a little less, but it kept me on the edge anyways. I love how each character got a character development, may it big or small. The writing is amazing again and the scenes left me without taking a breath again. My nerves were happy when I finally stoped, they could finally rest. I don't agree with the ending and some aspects. But I enjoyed the book anyways.
The characters again, wow.

Inej. Who amazes me with each chapter in her point of view, more and more. She had this huge trauma but sees the good in the world, even in Kaz. Didn't let the world make her hard and bad. She stayed soft but a badass anyways. She wants to do good. Chase the bad people. Protect the people she loves. Also innocent people. In the first book, we got to learn a little about her life before she was the Wraith. In the second book we got Flashbacks that left my heart aching. Terrible. Really. I don't wanna think about it. But as I said, she got trough it.

Kaz. He is an anti-hero. He isn't good. Of course not. But he isn't bad in a way as well. For example with Inej. And even though he wouldn't admit it, also with the others. He tried so hard to show Inej he would love to give her all of him, but he simply couldn't. He tried at least, and that makes him soooo fucking strong. 

Jesper. We finally got to know even more about this one. His story, about his mom and dad, how he got into gambling. Yeah that got to me. He sees that he has a problem, of course he wants to push that problem away, but he also knows it doesn't work that way. I think his whole character is interesting and I would have loved to see more of how everything turned out with him.

Wylan. He was called Van Sunshine and that sums him up basically. But not entirely. Having finally chapters of his view, YEY, was amazing. But also sad. Because he doesn't deserve a piece of asshole of a father as he had. And not the Childhood he got.

Nina. Even though the drug had an impact on her, in a way I wouldn't have guessed at all. Her character didn't only develop around that. Of course it was about her struggles and hunger but also how she conquered it. How she is not her addiction. And maaan did she come back more powerful then ever.

Matthias. MY baby. :( He finally got his peace, finally knew what he was sure of and finally gave all of his love to Nina.

Spoiler Crooked Kingdom:

So... The things I didn't like: Of course that Matthias died. His death was unnecessary and if he had lived, it wouldn't have changed anything. SO WHY THE FUCK, kill him off? That isn't okay. I just don't get it? Did the author think it would make the book more dark, deep? Or serve as a plot twist? And it just felt like she just wanted to kill anybody of the main characters, for whatever reason, and fell to the choice of Matthias. 
I was grieving over his death allot, but now I'm just angry. 
I don't know if I missed it, but there wasn't a real Explantation about those flying people? And why the Grisha seemed to disappear...
But anywaysss...

I loved that Kaz bought Inej a ship AND brought her fucking parents to her. But I wished they would have officially ended up together. But I guess we can't always get what we want. 


Jesper and Wylan having a happy ending together, YAAAAS I LIVE FOR THAT.

And overall, the way Pekka Rollins and Jan Van Eck made business together against Kaz & co.? Amazing. Well not amazing in that way, But I didn't see it coming.
In the first book it was all, Oh well, Jan is a bad guy. But in the second it was like, is he Satans baby? What an asshole.

I read a review on goodreads saying that the book should have been a standalone. And I agree. It either should have been a standalone or there should have been a third book. Of course without Matthias dying and everyone having a happy ending.
Because I feel like we didn't really get closure to some relationships and other questions for example with the drug and Ninas new power. (NEW BADASS POWERS!!!!) 
Oh and the whole Matthias thing really destroyed allot of sympathy for this book.

I'm still not okay... After sleeping and eating and all.. Still really sad and angry.


Six of Crows: 6 out of 5 💖💖💖💖💖💖
Crooked Kingdom: 3 and a half of 5💖💖💖💔

xoxo, Alma

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