Sincerely Sorry!

July 07, 2017

Hi Guys.. :)
We are really sorry that we haven't been updating for a while now. :/

We both have some little major issues at work - and we're trying to fix it now. We have been telling ourselves that it will get better - but the truth is: it won't! You have to face your problems and take it to your own hands. 

Until then you sadly won't hear that much of us (BUT YOU WILL HEAR FROM US... there is no such thing as radio-silent in the world of books and fiction)- if there are really breathtaking books - I assure you, that we will read it and blog about it :D 

And if you Erin Watt or employees of Erin Watt are reading this - We will freaking read your book and praise about it! 
It is the highlight of my year... -> This story about Easton Royal *dreamyeyes*

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