Running from a Rock Star - Jami Albright

July 24, 2017

This book was given to me from the Author, because Amazon and my cc had a few problems with each other. Human-beings... This author gifted me this book, because I couldn't buy it immediately on amazon. There is a limit of how amazing a person can be, and she definitely overstepped it!! :D

So, this is the blurb:

She’s a good-girl control freak. He’s a bad boy in need of a clean image. Will these opposites attract or self-destruct?

Scarlett Kelly is the poster child for responsible living. Growing up as the daughter of the town floozy she’s made it her mission to be the exact opposite. So when she wakes up naked and hungover in bed with a bad-boy rockstar, Scarlett bolts immediately. But she never expected him to follow her home… and tell her they’re married!
Gavin needs to repair his image or his music career will go down the tubes. He’s also just learned he has a son he never knew existed! Gavin wants to settle down, and bribing his new wife to stay married may just fit everything into place.
Scarlett agrees to the ruse to help her family’s financial troubles even though she can hardly control herself around the rock star. As they search for Gavin’s son, will the cross-country adventure give them exactly what they’ve been missing or send them packing?
Running From a Rock Star is the first book in a series of comedic contemporary romance novels. If you like zany characters, razor-sharp wit, and unlikely love stories, then you’ll love the first book in Jami Albright’s Brides On the Run series.

This down here, is my review:

The thing about this book is, that there is no long foreplay. Before you even know, you're fully in it. As promised is this all in all, full with wit and remarkable characters - So, you get what you hoped for.

And people let me tell you something... lately I've (Sorry in advance for my use of words) been reading a lot of shit. Even books from renowned authors were crappy as fuck. Really, for a long time I only held bad books in my hands.
And then suddenly I read a really good book last week and was afraid, that my bad-books-only-time would come again.... IT DID NOT! So this book, from a new author was better than few famous one's. If that is not a reason to just try her book - I don't know either, loveliiiess.

Of course, there we're some things I would have changed - but nothing real big. :)
For example the wit decreased after the first half a little bit. I did not mind it, but well I hoped that the author would find more ways to keep the wit on board, even then when the story got darker. Yeah it gets darker and tense, but it's freaking entertaining.
And the story has a lot of cliché going on, even though the blurb promised us a unlikely story. But who cares? Really, I think almost every woman loves to read cliché-love-stories here and there.

And god, I loved all the characters - let's be honest: I wont think about them in my leisure-time, but while reading they all made the story better. They gave this book that little something, to make it better. And I liked Gavin and Honey a little too much, haha.

It's a perfekt Sunday book. Grab some orange-juice, look for a comfy place and just start reading. It's fulfilled with entertainment, lot's of love, the past, the future, family and other things, which you come to appreciate.

I don't know how to write books... but I for sure know how to gush over one, if it was good. And meeeen. this one was good! :D A quirky, funny and complete love story. + It's a rockstar-story... I know you want to read it. :p

“I could go to jail for the things I want to do to you. I’m hanging on by a thread here, Scarlett.”

Who should read this fine xxx of a story?
People, who love rockstar-books
People, who loved lovestruck by Lila Monroe
People, who loved the Stage Dive Series from Kylie Scott
And People, who loved the Mayhem Series from Jamie Shaw

To be honest, these listed books and series are on a whole nother level... 
This book is really from a author, who just started... It's worth a chance :) 
If you loved the up-listed books, you will like this one! Cuz, it's sweet, funny and dark-"themed" at the same time. 

My Rating:
3.4 out of 5 Stars!!
I can't wait for her next book. I hope it's about Luanne and Jack. I know this one was a book with Gavin and Scarlett as protagonists, but I still was more intrigued by Luanne and Jack's story. #guilty

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