February 08, 2017

Hello Human-Beings


We lost our blogger passwordthat's why we didn't post anything for so long
We are just awesome like thatNo for real, we are really sorry!!
I mean with only a few "fansyou shouldn't screw it upright
We hope that we can make it up...So here it goes. OUR UPCOMING REVIEWS.. 


I will try to read 20 Books this year. I know is sooo little! But I'm a slow reader and I already see how less time I will have with school and work. To be honest I will be surprised if I even get 20 book. So fingers crossed!


Seriously.. I really need to focus on school, or else I can forget, to be able to buy even one book in the future. We don't want that, right?  :)
I won't stop reading. Believe me, they keep me sane. 

- I am reading soo many books right now, but I don't have the time to review every single one of the. I would end up posting each day at leat one. I will try to at least review, like Alma, 20 Books this year. 

much love, and warm hugggs,
A and Nisha

credit GIF: word-stuck

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