Fifty Shades Darker - Movie

February 08, 2017

Fifty Shades Darker - Movie

very short review 

You see, a few hours ago - I finally saw the new Fifty Shades Movie, and let me tell you, it was LIT

It kinda surprised me and I am kind of in awe. I really really really liked it. And I am so shocked, that I don't have any words for it than: I already bought a ticket for tomorrow, so I can watch it a second time. 

Some scenes are even better than in the book, they really did a good job on this one! ☺️

So it has been worth the wait and to pay the entry is just a peanut. :) 

SO GO! 😏😍 It's a sin to miss Jamie Dornan's hot body.. *grin*

much love, Nisha 

credit first picture: fiftyshadesbabyyeahh, tumblr
credit second picture: google

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