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October 20, 2016

Welcome to the dark side (just kidding) 

So this is it.. the start to a new exciting life :D We will do our best to satisfy you readers of our blog. Let's READ! 


We both love the company of books more than real human-beings. 

(YES, we are two friends, who run this blog together) 
((It's a WIN-WIN situation))

Nisha: If it ain't obvious, A likes to read! She'd rather read than eat chocolate. And if that doesn't mean love, I would not understand the world anymore. Well, if you want to talk about fantasy books, she's the right person to talk to. You will have 10 Fan-Girl Moments in one minute with that gal. She's just awesome like that!

A: Two words. She crazy. But we (humans) love her anyway. Basically one book changed her life and she loves reading all types and kinds (those two are the same, ups) of books. You can laugh out loud with her and you definitely can't pass a bookstore without buying a new book. She makes you broke - faster than black friday. I love how passionated she can talk about "her" books.

So yeah, join us on our journey of "bookreading".

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